You’ve probably been hearing that phrase thrown around a lot lately, whether it be on Instagram or your favourite bloggers Fashion Week snaps. So what exactly is it, and how did it sneak into our wardrobes while we weren't looking!? We’re here to fill you in.

Don’t worry girl, there’s no need to fear the “luxe” label!  To call something luxe simply means that it has an expensive feel or look, but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the price tag (phew). That’s why this season, we created our own collection of pieces inspired by this trend and proclaimed that glamour was going rogue!

This trend is ruled by fabrications with interesting textures like mesh, crushed velvet, embroidery and satins that would normally be reserved for weekend and occasion wear, but are now making statements in our everyday wardrobes. Along with these fancy fabrications, celebrity inspired accessories have also taken off with items like diamante chokers and thigh high boots becoming staple pieces before a big night out.

You can make this trend work for you by introducing just a couple of these key items into your rotation, and pairing them with scaled back basics like high waisted cigarette pants or distressed boyfriend jeans. Because after all, everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives, and if that can translate into fashion – even better we say!

We've picked out a couple of our personal favourites to get you started:

Are you feeling glamorous ? Click here to shop the rest of our entire trend edit!

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