Our Labels & Pack Options

Our Labels

There are three labels under the Amber Glow Company: Style State, Winnie & Co. and Ajoy.
All labels differ in targeted age groups and styles but still share the same mission of designing and developing quality garments to cater for all your customers.

Style State - Focuses on feminine and timeless day to night pieces. Tailored for the age of 20-26. Sizing is slightly smaller compared to Ajoy, refer to size guide.

Winnie & Co. - A label that is free spirited, whimsical and adventurous. Tailored to the ages of 16-20. Pack options and sizing differs from Style State & Ajoy styles, please refer to the size guide below.

AJOY - Centres around Loose fitting, easy to wear wardrobe essentials and corporate styles. Tailored to the age of 26+. Sizing is more loose fitting compared to Style State, refer to size guide.

Pack Options

All our styles are only available to purchase in packs, we have three different ratios to suit your business needs, Our STANDARD PACK includes 7 pieces, as per the ratio below:

Our other option, PLUS PACK also includes 7 pieces and is available in:

Our PETITE PACK is only available for Winnie & Co. styles. It includes 8 pieces as per the ratio below:

Size Guide

The following size charts are a general guide based on Australia Standard Sizing. We do our best to stay true to size, however as we stock a large range of items, sizes will vary slightly with each style, particularly aross the three brands. Please note Winnie & Co. styles are slightly smaller in sizing compared to Style State and Ajoy styles, this is done delibrately to suit the different customer needs of each brand.

Style State

Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16
Bust 82.5cm 85cm 90cm 95cm 100cm 105cm
Waist 63.5cm 66cm 71cm 76cm 81cm 86cm
Hip 89.5cm 92cm 97cm 102cm 107cm 112cm

Winnie & Co.

Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12
Bust 80.5cm 83cm 88cm 93cm
Waist 62.5cm 65cm 70cm 75cm
Hip 88.5cm 91cm 96cm 101cm


Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16
Bust 83.50cm 86cm 91cm 96cm 101cm 106cm
Waist 65.5cm 68cm 73cm 78cm 83cm 88cm
Hip 90.5cm 93cm 98cm 103cm 108cm 113cm

International Size Guide

XS 6 2 6
S 8 4 8
M 10 6 10
L 12 8 12
XL 14 10 14
XXL 16 12 16