Our Mission

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Providing quality in fast fashion is at the heart of what we do.

With 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and fashion industry, we understand the importance of good quality and we are committed to delivering this to you and your customers.

The essence of our brands are defined by our making processes, from in-house designing, sourcing fabrications, fittings to production and quality control, our team upholds high standards to ensure that our products showcase finesse, a dedication to our skill and experience over the years.

Every department works closely, collectively and collaboratively as a team towards the same mission of delivering quality pieces at affordable price points to your store.

Style State Designer Working


Style State, Winnie & Co. and Ajoy, the three labels under the Amber Glow Company all share the same design philosophy of creating customer led styles that are uncompromising in character and detail.

All collections are designed by our in-house design team, who embrace inspiration from many sources of research from the latest fashion trends of street style to runway, but above all, being guided by customer feedback is our greatest influence, allowing us to create garments with your customers in mind.

Our design team focuses on creating a symphony of the elements, sourcing durable fabrications, harmonising with prints and colour palettes, to complement each silhouette. Across 3 labels, our ranges vary from timeless to trending, despite such a large scope, something that remains consistent is our attention to detail, our signature touch.

Style State Coat


To accompany the depth of design, a sense of refinement is found within the shape of our garments, where we take the utmost consideration towards how it looks and moves on the body.

Every style is required to be fit tested by our fit models, a process that is undergone weekly to ensure that measurements are perfected, and alterations are noted by our skillful pattern makers, who will resample until the designs qualify for approval, only then will it be sent for manufacturing.

This unwavering commitment allows us to achieve a standard in which our labels are reputable for, and that we are incredibly proud of.

Style State Warehouse


Through to the creation of the product where our designs come to life, our manufacturing team seeks to complete the vision by producing garments with care, to meet and exceed expectations.

The above has only been made possible by the contribution of our team, we work closely with our manufacturing partners and have built long-standing relationships, our team is currently made up of employees across Australia and internationally in China. In aligning with our ethical production journey, all of our employees are paid living wages or above, operate in safe working conditions and are given equal opportunity. This provides us with the ability to work and grow as a team. We are humbled to have the pleasure of working with such an array of genuine and talented people committed to our purpose.

All production undergoes a multi-level quality control process consisting of beginning, middle and end checks, helping us to alleviate manufacturing faults, so that upon completion, we can provide confidence that quality is being delivered to you and your customers.

Like with anything, improvement is key and core to our company values, throughout our company history we have, and will continue to, work towards refining our processes across all departments and always looking for a way to do better. We may not be perfect but through listening to customer feedback and adjusting where necessary, we hope to continuously elevate the customer experience in our mission to support you in your business journey.