Our Story

Our Story

A family legacy.
With a long and credible history of the Amber Glow company, we are incredibly proud to be sharing our story with you.

The beginning - 1989

Our CEO Lisa, young and driven, began her market stall in Melbourne selling casual sports wear to deliver on what customers wanted. Seeing the demand that surf and street wear had, she developed the menswear brand "Surfalong". To create a brand identity that really captured the Australian culture and resonated with its audiences, she started producing custom pieces through screen printing designs onto garments.

As the buying habits of the Australian market began to change, Lisa knew she had to adapt with the times. This was a turning point in the business, despite the success they had at the time, the demand for women's fashion trends on the market was fast emerging.

The label "Ajoy" - 1996

Moving away from the markets and into her own retail shop by 1996, when the label of Ajoy (Absolute Joy) was born, in the streets of Melbourne on Chapel Street.

After 4 years, having been a stockist herself she became increasingly frustrated at the lack of fashionable dresses and a need for suppliers who could adapt to the fast pace of the fashion landscape at the time.

By 2000, from their first warehouse on Mt. Alexander road, then became a women's fashion supplier, setting trends ahead of the Australian market and offering fast fashion at high quality.

This has been the philosophy ever since with many years of participation in trade shows and hosting our own runways our loyal customer base and community continues to grow.

2011 marked the company moving into the heard of the wholesale industry in Collingwood where we are today, being easily accessible to our stockists. With new energy and an anticipation for our next adventure this sparked our new endeavour.

The new chapter: "Style State" - 2017

Our new label Style State was launched in early 2017, bringing with it a profound sense of invigoration and passion, whilst still preserving the authentic company values, we embarked on a new journey. With positive reception to it, we expanded the company and opened a second showroom in Sydney, NSW later that year.

Along with the growth of the business, Lisa and her daughter Winnie, accompanied by a strong, passionate team are collectively and consistently working towards the company's goal and mission to deliver timeless, wearable pieces to you and your customers.

Our focus is to provide quality in fast fashion, two things don't usually get associated to each other - we're here to change that.

By being in the fashion industry for the past 30 years, we have learnt to be a fashion wholesaler that knows its clients, that values their feedback and uses it as a driving force for innovation. 

"Being in business, we understand the challenges that are faced on a daily basis and the perseverance it takes to move forward. The most rewarding thing has always been to see our stockists grow with us. This is why we make it our business, to support yours."