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Introducing Style State and Ajoy - Australian brands that we are proud to supply to fashion retailers globally and have confidence that your customers will love wearing. To view our full collection, please log-in or register


We offer a rich array of wholesale sets clothing pieces designed according to the latest trend. The two brands that we established are intended to meet the needs of both young girls who are dressing a bit more casually and women over the age of 26 who want their clothes to make a powerful statement that will give them the confidence they need in a corporate environment. Our teams of designers and seamstress are working together, like a well-oiled machine, to come up with unique and bold designs. We want you to look at the wholesale sets clothing we offer here at Style State and think - I’ve never seen anything similar anywhere else! Our cuts are simple yet attractive, thus being easy to combine with any accessory an average woman already has in her possession. Style State has established strong relationships with a multitude of retailers who turn to us regularly when they are in need of two piece sets womens clothing wholesale to place on their shelves. What our long-term partners praise about us is our exceptional service, quality clothing, and competitive pricing. Also, owing to our collaboration with Afterpay, we allow you to order wholesale sets clothing now and pay for them later if it suits you better.
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Please note, we are wholesale trade only, we do not sell directly to the public.

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